I'm on a new diet... the lack of money that I have really caters to not buying any food at all, and just replacing my hungry feelings with mind-consuming activities like climbing, or hiking.  I haven't shaven in weeks and im looking scruffy, my lack of a car makes it so I can't do the normal necessary tasks like washing my clothes or signing up for welfare.  I sat at maverick the other day on the side of the building with my large backpack and beard waiting for a ride, I was such a worthless person to everyone who saw me.  I'm a private member to every club. 


Hey so.. I'm blogging.  I needed to update my blog but i really didnt know what to say.. and i dont know how to do anything else on blogger besides write basically.  So many good things are happening tho. i've got a job.. i feel less and less worthless everyday.  I've been climbing alot with alot of the good dudes from everywhere, Im growing a beard! and im going to start skateboarding again. i cant wait.  I'm not the same anymore. I used to revel in the work, and now im old and feel like i cant even wreck on a skateboard, that just sounds terrible.  Anyway. i have nothing creative to say lately. BYE
Some people just love to float in water.

Born this way

I just got back from climbing with a bunch of dudes. and one girl.  And as everyone was sitting around being lazy and throwing rocks i threw a rock at an apparent home of some angry bees, ( they were prolly most tranquil before i threw the rock.)  I was SURROUNDED

by angry killer BEES!!!  i haven't been stung since i was a little kid, and wouldn't you know it, i was stung on the lower back.  It prolly wasn't a killer bee, just a regular bee.  we climbed and climbed and before we knew it we were so stuck in the darkness.  And that's when all of us reverted to our natural born predator instincts.  I ran through the darkness not seeing anything, following the line of energy and braking the darkness with my bright stride.  I swear i would have killed anything in my way, even if it were you.  I was Born this way.   My perfectly flossed fangs.  There's always two sides to every story,  I'm a gentleman and a killer.  

i love skiing so dammed much

So soft

I guess I'm yelling because I'm waiting.  Waiting for the rain to come.  I've become desensitized to emotions.   I've just been waiting for that one lovely sunshine girl to come in and turn me upside down.  so that I know where I am.  My focal point,   I want a name in my phone that makes me nervous.  Its like I've been asleep in my cupboard during an ice age, waiting for the sun.  Alarming